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Launching Your Care

Posted: February 18, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

In its heyday, the space shuttle would generate nearly 8 million pounds of thrust just to lift itself off the launch pad into the atmosphere. Once beyond the earth's gravitational pull, it didn't require as much effort to stay in space and could effortlessly cruise at 17,500 mph with a fraction of that power. The same can be said for your Chiropractic care plan.

The start of any health endeavor requires more effort - in Chiropractic that means more visits in the beginning to break from from the gravity of dis-ease and build forward momentum. Once free from the 'pull' of poor habits and chronic illness, it requires less effort to keep you aloft.

It takes more effort to get off the initial care launch pad than it does to stay in a healthy orbit. If you want to get results, expect to put more work in at the beginning of your care. Your chiropractic team is ready to help you along the way... just stick with the mission plan and you'll reach your destination.

A Chiropractic Valentine

Posted: February 11, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

There's a lot to love about Chiropractic - the science of nerve function, the art of correcting posture and spinal alignment. But the best part is the philosophy that gives meaning to it all.

Physicians focus on body parts, psychologists analyze thoughts, and clergy tend to matters of the spirit. But no one profession touches them all... your physical health, mental health, and spiritual health like Chiropractic. You can't experience any of these without a CLEAR nerve system. When Chiropractors restore normal spinal alignment and clear away nerve stress, your ability to express physical, mental, and spiritual health is simply better.

Love and Life thrive where things are aligned. The resolution of pain and restoration of function are nice side effects of Chiropractic - the thing we love the most, however, is when you become whole again. Have a Happy and Healthy Valentine's week!

Limitation of Thoughts

Posted: February 4, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

Principle #24 in Chiropractic states that the innate healing ability within us is limited by the matter it has to work with. In other words, your body's ability to repair itself is only as good as the building material at its disposal - the right nutrients, DNA, etc. But healing limitations don't only come from matter.

Limitations of understanding and belief can also stop the healing process in its tracks. How skeptical are you (or your family and friends) of your innate ability to heal? Doubt and unbelief are just as powerful at hindering the healing process as a poor diet. When it comes to recovering from sickness and dis-ease, simply "hoping to get better" won't cut it. You need to really believe it, in order to achieve it.

What you think about, you bring about. Your state of health is more a product of your thoughts and beliefs than you realize. Make sure you're cultivating concepts of health, faith, and resolve that support the work your Chiropractor is doing - instead of surrounding yourself with unbelievers and naysayers.

X's, O's, and Time

Posted: January 28, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

"The Packers never lost a game... we just ran out of time." - Vince Lombardi. Coach Lombardi's quote sums up his unwavering belief in his team's ability to win every game, if given enough time to execute their winning plan. Chiropractors hold a similar, unwavering belief in your body's innate ability to heal.

The 6th Principle in Chiropractic states "there is no process which does not require time," including the healing process. BJ Palmer (the developer of Chiropractic) believed that given enough time and a clear nerve system the body could heal itself in just about any situation. In his mind, the innate wisdom of the body had the potential to win any healing game if just given a chance. This is the foundation of all successful Chiropractic experiences.

If you've been under Chiropractic care for some time and see only minimal results, don't give up. The power that made your body designed all the plays needed to get you healthy and whole again. It won't lose the game if you provide enough time on the clock.

Are You In or Out?

Posted: January 21, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

Many Chiropractic patients (especially those new to care) make the mistake of crediting the 'adjustment' for healing them, or taking away their pain. Actually, adjustments don't heal ANYTHING... it's the time you stay IN adjustment, allowing your innate intelligence to heal you, that produces the result.

Healing is a process of re-creating yourself - replacing sick, old, tired cells with newer, stronger ones over time. The quality of those new, replaced cells depends on your body's natural recuperative abilities to work uninterrupted. Chiropractic adjustments simply keep your nerve system clear long enough, providing enough 'in order' time for innate to accomplish the job.

Ultimately, it's the doctor inside you (plus time) that mends and keeps you well, not the thrust from the Chiropractor. So don't make the mistake of 'falling in love' with your adjustments. Rather, fall in love with the Life you'll enjoy when you remain IN adjustment.

Don't Miss if You're Sick

Posted: January 14, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

If you ever thought about canceling your appointment because you're sick and didn't want to spread germs to everyone in the office, think again. It's actually the BEST time to come in.

The field of neuro-immunology has well established the connection between a healthy nerve system and normal immune function. Chiropractic adjustments boost your ability to fight off colds and flus by unlocking your spine, clearing nerve tension, and unleashing your immune POTENTIAL. And doesn't it make sense to keep your immune system working best so you can get better faster?

You wouldn't cancel a dental appointment because your tooth hurt. Likewise, don't cancel your Chiropractic appointment when your nerve system is fighting to get you well. Even if you're under the weather, try not to miss adjustments... and don't worry about the other folks in the office getting sick - everyone here will be adjusted, protected, and ready to serve you.

Hanging with the Right Crowd

Posted: January 7, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

You've probably set goals to improve your lifestyle and get your health on track for the New Year. The question is, are you hanging out with the right people to succeed?

There's a saying that goes 'If you want to be happy, hang out with happy people.' The same can be said for being HEALTHY. Ever notice the people who hang out at Chiropractor's office? They're generally health conscious and excited about Life. Most of them didn't start off that way. At some point they decided to maintain their spines like other happy, healthy Chiropractic clients and eventually became happier and healthier people themselves.

If you're resolved to being more sick, more tired, and more medicated, then hang out at your local pharmacy or hospital. On the other hand, if you're committed to renewing your health and improving your Life in 2019, then spend more time with the people who can get you there. We'll be hanging out at the Chiropractor's office.

Drive Through Health

Posted: January 2, 2019
By: Dr. Kevin

In today's fast - paced world, 'instant' trumps process. Drive through windows and quick fixes are prized in cultures where instant gratification rules supreme. Unfortunately, these principles don't work so well when it comes to your health.

It takes time for a good diet to reflect on your weight... time for exercise to improve the tone and strength of your  muscles... and of course, it takes time for your chiropractic adjustments to create the positive restorative effects in your nerve system. Most everything that is good for you takes time to complete.

Don't let the convenience of your local pharmacy, fast food, or savings bank drive through lull you into complacency. 'Quick' rarely fixes anything. Health favors the patient who has patience in the process. Make a plan to be more consistent with your Chiropractic care in the New Year.

Forget Someone?

Posted: December 17, 2018
By: Dr. Kevin

Chiropractor - "Hey Mary, where are your kids?" Mary - "I left them at home, they don't have any back pain..." Chiropractor - "That might be true, but are they subluxated?"

Studies show that stress from the birth process alone is enough to produce pediatric Subluxations - subtle, yet significant vertebral misalignments which alter normal nerve function in children. And don't forget the stress they experience from falling off bikes, rough housing with siblings, or just trying to fit in at school. Kids are inherently subluxation prone!

If you bring your kids to the dentist for preventative maintenance as soon as they get teeth, it only makes sense you bring them to the Chiropractor as soon as they get a spine. In other words, don't leave them at home... get them checked EARLY and REGULARLY for Subluxations. You're investing in their health and future when you do.

Clark Has a Power Problem

Posted: December 10, 2018
By: Dr. Kevin

Clark Griswold stands with bated breath and extension cord in hand as a childlike giddiness overtakes him. The family drum roll commences, he makes the anticipated electrical connection and VOILA... nothing happens.

Clark has a power problem. Although the extension cords are all connected and each individual Christmas light has been inspected with precision, he's still not connected to the source. It isn't until his wife 'adjusts' the switch in the garage and turns the MAIN Power on that the light show begins. She'd actually make a good Chiropractor!

If your wiring is connected and your body parts have all been dutifully inspected by the best doctors in the world, you still won't function to your potential if you're not connected 100% to your source... the Life sustaining Power that flows from your Nerve System. Make sure you and your family stay connected to it with regular Chiropractic care during this bustling holiday season.