Hydrotherapy Massage

Massage Therapy
Without the Therapist!


HydroMassage is here! Our downtown office now offers this revolutionary, noninvasive form of massage therapy that provides a relaxing massage with a wide range of health benefits with the use of soothing jets of water.  Enjoy the benefits of massage while staying clothed and dry without messy oils and creams.

HydroMassage has been proven to help:

        - relieve pain
        - increase circulation
        - decrease muscle tension
        - increase oxygen absorption
        - decrease muscular toxins
        - increase endorphin release
        - decrease blood pressure
        - improve flexibility
        - and much more!         
 Contact us about receiving a complimentary 10-minute session!

Dry Hydrotherapy is a cost effective alternative to traditional massage.  Typical massages usually last 1/2 to 1 hour.  With Aquamed you can choose massages from 10 minutes to 1 hour.  This allows you to choose shorter massages more often.  Instead of one 1 hour massage per month, you can recieve weekly 15 minute massages for the same price!

15 minutes = $20
30 minutes = $40

  1 hour = $80
100 minutes** = $99

**100 minutes can be used in 10 minutes incriments and can be shared by families.


With Aquamed dry hydro therapy you can enjouy the benefits of massage, whirlpool and heat while remaining fully clothed and without messy oils or creams. 

You control the massage!
Unlike manual massage, with the Hydrotherapy you control the massage.  By using the state of the art touch screen you control the areas to be massaged, the pace, time and amount of pressure of the massage. 


For more information visit    hydromassage.com/