Patient Testimonials 

One of our goal at Brown Chiropractic is to reach out to our community to help others attain their greatest level of health and well being, naturally, without drugs and surgery.  Research has shown that one of the most powerful ways of attaining understanding is through sharing life experiences.  We would like to thank those who shared their experiences below.  If you too would like to share your positive chiropractic experience, please feel free to send us an email at frontdesk@savannahchiropractic.com or the link below. Thank you.

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My treatment from Kevin Brown at Brown chiropractic has been trans-formative for me. I recommend him highly to all of my friends and will continue to do so. - Adam S

5 stars!
The Browns do an excellent job of seeing to their patients' needs for care while treating each patient as an individual. They will exceed your expectations. - google + review

No More Neck Pain and Sleeping Again!
When I contacted Dr. Kevin Brown I had pain on my right side, from my neck to my foot. I was also having trouble sleeping at night. Today, I have next to no pain and have no trouble sleeping eight to nine hours straight! - Gregory (age 55)


  "no back or neck pain"
"My initial reason for seeking chiropractic care was for neck and back pain due to running and other athletic endeavors. I’ve known Dr. Brown for over six years and he is honest, kind, and an expert in his field. The past 4 months I have been consistently seeing Dr. Brown for twice weekly adjustments and have no back or neck pain. I continue my care as a part of my wellness program and by giving the gift of health to myself." -D.B.


Low back pain during pregnancy 
"I started getting adjusted at Brown Chiropractic during my second trimester. The pregnancy had been going fine but felt some lower back pain stating to develop. Rather than chalk it up as a "normal part of pregnancy", something I just had to deal with, I immediately began my care with Drs. Brown and Brown. I am now two weeks away from delivery and feel great…no chronic back pain at all, just the occasional soreness when I overdue it a little with my nesting. Overall, my adjustments have kept me feeling balanced and energetic- who knows how this pregnancy could have turned out had I no started chiropractic care…definitely not as easy as it has been. Thanks Kevin and Gina."


 Relief From Back Pain and Sciatica
"I originally sought relief from chronic lower back pain and occasional sciatica. Regular sessions with Dr. Brown has provided me both symptom relief and a better general sense of well being. His accessibility and flexible schedule has allowed me to maintain continuous therapy."


Fewer, Less Intense Headaches and Children Stay Healthier!
I have always had headaches - tension & migraine headaches - and carried physical symptoms of stress in my neck, shoulders, and back. After being referred by a friend, talking with my husband about his positive experiences with chiropractic care, and knowing my father benefits from chiropractic care, we made the decision, as a family, to receive weekly chiropractic care. 

I have since had two children & received as many as three adjustments per week during both pregnancies. I cannot imagine how I would have made it through pregnancy without adjustments. Although I am not headache -free, weekly and sometimes bi-weekly adjustments have reduced their frequency and intensity. My children do not know a life without chiropractic. They have attended day care since they were 12 weeks old each and have rarely been sick, even when other children seem to be.

I am grateful for Dr. Kevin Brown’s genuine interest in the care for his clients. His office and staff are friendly and warm and go above & beyond expectations in meeting my family’s needs. - Heather (Age: 36)


 Improved Menstrual Cycle, No More Progesterone Cream!
I initially came to Dr. Brown for a “Check-Up”, knowing that I had serious Scoliosis which was diagnosed when I was 12. I had always suffered from minor back pain and discomfort. I am a dancer and yoga practitioner and am active and physically fit. I believed that I kept up good spinal health. When the x-rays at Dr. Browns’ revealed that my Scoliosis had gotten quite severe I embarked on the 90 Day intensive plan with the expectation that perhaps the most I could achieve would be to stop the curvature from getting any worse.

Sixty days into the plan I can say that I am surprised and impressed with the results of the care that I have received. One example is the correction of my menstrual cycle. From age thirty three I had been using bio-identical progesterone cream to ease PMS and to regulate my cycle. After only a few weeks of chiropractic treatment I was told by my OB/GYN to stop using the cream, as it appeared that my body was trying to regulate itself. Sure enough, a few weeks later my cycle started on its own. I ovulated for the first time in over six months and had a punctual healthy period!

When I relayed this information to my Doctor he confirmed that this correction was due to my new chiropractic regime. In addition to this welcome and unexpected development, I can see that the formerly lopsided musculature around my spine is becoming even and strong. My posture is improved and my energy level is higher.

With thirty days left in my Intensive Program I look forward to my next x-rays, as I am sure that they will confirm what I am already experiencing. . . A straighter spine and a healthier body! - A. Haynes (Age: 37)


Improvement From Head to Toe 
I have been under chiropractic care since I was 11 years old and a medical doctor said that I would probably be deaf by the time I grew up.

However, the most recent reason for returning to chiropractic care after a year’s lapse, during which time I moved to a new city, etc., was a prolonged bout of sciatica. I was pain free as long as I stood or moved around, but prolonged sitting or sleeping on my side caused excruciating pain in my lower back and down my right or left leg, depending on which side I lay. After returning to chiropractic care, the situation gradually improved over a period of three years until today. I’m generally pain free, as long as I maintain my routine of once a week chiropractic adjustments. - JoAnne (Age: 64)


  “… sleeping better, walking better, and my back pain had lessened.”
I had been having back issues for awhile and finally had decided to do something about it. I ran into Dr. Brown at the Earth Day Festival and signed up with him for care.

Once I started care I noticed that I was sleeping better, walking better, and my back pain had lessened. I am still experiencing those benefits and have been taking steps at work and home to make things more “Back Friendly”.

I would encourage anyone to seek chiropractic care. For my female friends I’d stress the benefits of chiropractic care in relation to cramps. Since I started, the severe cramps I experienced have lessened significantly. Perhaps the person I’d encourage most would be my brother. He is a soldier in the U.S. Army. As an Infantryman and member of the “Stryker Brigade” he is loaded down with gear and shoved into a cramped vehicle. I would tell him that Chiropractic Care will help keep his back stronger longer, while out in the field for exercise and when he’s back in Iraq. - Bridget (Age: 28)


 Dr. Brown has helped me eliminate the need for medication.
Before finding Dr. Brown, I was taking 8-10 ibuprofen a day and a sleep aid at night. I do exercise daily so I’m physically in pretty good shape, but my spine (as shown in x-rays) is a mess. Dr. Brown has helped me eliminate the need for medication. Occasionally after an act of stupidity (furniture moving, etc.) I need a little extra manipulation and stretching. Then at home, the recommended Epsom Salts soak followed by an application of Biofreeze.

I have been able to resume knitting which was virtually impossible before treatment. Now I find I am knitting or doing needlepoint whenever I have time. - Marion (Age: 70)


"Thank you for putting the pep back in my step" 
"I got into a really bad car accident in 2003. I was twenty-two years old when suddenly everything came to a halt. I couldn’t lift trays anymore. I was serving tables and bar tending at the time. How can I do my job without lifting? The pain was horrible at first. Eventually, it just calmed itself to a dull constant pain and life went on. For two and half years I’ve just ignored it. Finally everything just pointed to Dr. Browns chiropractic. Desiree was totally helpful and very sweet. I had a pretty emotional and educational talk with Dr. Brown. It’s been a process of healing but I’m on my way. There’s been moments where I’ve sat down and just cried; big, fat tears of joy! I feel fabulous. Absolutely incredible. I would definitely recommend all of my friends and family to come see Dr. Brown. Thank you for putting the pep back in my step." -Stephanie


 "My stress level is down.  I feel so much better"
"Since I’ve began my treatment with Kevin and Gina I have had the best nights sleep that I’ve had in a very long time. My stress level is down. I have suffered for a very long time, I’ve even had surgery that didn’t help at all. My co-workers recommended Kevin and Gina, I was hesitant in coming, but so very glad I have. They are really a blessing to me. Even my children and co-workers have seen a distinct change in my attitude. I feel so much better. When you live with pain all day and everyday for as long as I have, it makes you depressed. No medicine can touch the pain, the adjustments I’ve received have even helped with my depression I have felt over the years, because of the pain I have lived with. I was giving up on any help. Until I was blessed with meeting Kevin and Gina Brown. Their spirit is uplifting to me and I truly that God daily. I have finally met someone who cares. May God bless you both for helping me."- Bernice Jones


"Kidney trouble"
"Since begging chiropractic care, my three year problem (health) has cleared up. Since 2000 I have had kidney trouble. I had large amounts of blood in my urine, I had seen various doctors who told me it was normal and ran various tests on me only to proclaim that I had a clean bill of health. I thought differently, ( I don’t know of many people who have copious amounts of blood in their urine) but if a doctor won’t help you where else can you turn? Finally under the of the Brown’s, things changed. I no longer have problems with my kidneys. Being adjusted on a routine basis was the key to my health problem. I would recommend trying chiropractic care to anyone who feels they have tried everything else." - Kate


Sick less often, sleep better 
"I have been under chiropractic care for over two years now. Since I’ve started I’ve noticed that I rarely ever get sick anymore and if I do, it’s usually a minor cold. Plus I have also noted that I can go to sleep a lot easier at night. Which means that my overall health has improved because I had been suffering from insomnia most nights out of the week. Thanks to my continued chiropractic care, I have been a healthier, happier person in general."


 "chiropractic care is the best thing I have ever done for myself"

"I came to Drs. Brown two and a half months ago. Having experienced problem with my back and neck almost half of my life I was ready to try an alternative to the conventional approach to the treatment of back pain using muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and pain killers. I had used all three but always drew the line when they mentioned surgery. Now I Feel that availing myself of chiropractic care is the best thing I have ever done for myself. There’s no feeling I can describe like that of not having pain in my entire body and that’s how I feel each time I leave their office. Little by little my muscles are strengthening to hold alignments in place and I shall soon be on maintenance. I am sixty- six years old, hold a full-time, rather demanding job and though I don’t look like a twenty- five year old, I get around as well as those in that age range and enjoy a better level of health and well-being than anyone I know anywhere near my age. I highly recommend chiropractic care and especially the care provided by Drs. Gina and Kevin Brown." -Shirley King


Less pain, more energy, stronger & more flexible 
"The first day I was adjusted, I immediately noticed several changes in my physical functioning. A few days before my first adjustment, I was barely able to walk. Immediately after my first adjustment, I found myself nearly running to my car when leaving Dr. Brown’s office. Since then, I’ve noticed an increase in my overall energy level, flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination."


More energy and less pain 
"I originally came to Brown Chiropractic because I had injured my back and I could not sit or walk without pain. I was uncertain about what benefits I would gain from chiropractic adjustment, but ‘traditional’ doctors had not helped. I noticed an almost immediate lessening of pain over the first two weeks. On the treatment plan, we agreed to, I saw constant and rapid improvement in my body. Today, I have more energy than I used to, less back pain, and can stand for longer periods of time. I have noticed that what used to be chronic aches and pains no longer exist. Overall through chiropractic care I have noticed a general improvement in my health, and well being of my body. I do and will continue to recommend chiropractic care to my friends not only for back pain, but for any improvements in their overall health."