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Brown Chiro & COVID-19

Your Chiropractic care is essential for decreasing stress and helping your body and immune system function better. We are planning on maintaining our normal office hours but will make some changes to keep you safe during your visit.

We are spreading out the scheduling to minimize how many people are in the office at one time. If you normally “drop in” please call Kristina first so she can get you scheduled. In addition, if you are more comfortable waiting in your car, call when you get to the parking lot and Kristina will check you in and call you when it is your turn.

While we always try to maintain a clean office, we are disinfecting strategically and have disinfecting wipes, soap and hand sanitizer available for you.

While sanitizing and “social distancing” are important to prevent contact with viruses and germs, a healthy immune system is essential. Your diet, exercise, sleep, mental attitude and spinal alignment can all effect how well your body is able to fight off illness. If you are interested here is an older but good referenced article about chiropractic care and immunity. Immune Responses to Spinal Manipulation (Adjustments).

We have appointments available this week, give Kristina a call and she can get you scheduled. If you feel the need to hold off with your care, we understand, we are here to help when you are ready.


Dr. Kevin, Dr. Gina & Kristina Brown Chiropractic (912)447-1885

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