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Chiropractic for back pain PREVENTION....

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Chiropractic has long been accepted as a safe, drug free, natural treatment for low back pain. In addition, Chiropractors have been promoting chiropractic care for wellness and prevention for even longer. Thanks to new research from Dr. Heidi Haavik (Chiropractor AND neurophysiologist) part of the mystery of how chiropractic care can prevent back injuries is more clear.

In her book "Reality Check", she explains how getting adjusted improves the connection between your brain and your body, everything in your body. When your spine is out of alignment (for simplicity sake), one of the many things that is effected is your muscle function. There have been several studies that show that muscle function, co-ordination and even strength improves immediately after a chiropractic adjustment.

So what does this have to do with low back pain? If your spine is not moving and functioning properly it effects the communication between the brain and body. In this case, we are focusing on the muscles of your core and low back. If those muscles are not firing properly and are weak or out of balance, your low back and core becomes unstable setting you up for injury. Now all it takes is one wrong move or hours of not enough movement and your back "goes out".

Should you get adjusted when this happens? Of course! It will help you heal and recover quicker. But maybe a better approach would be to get your spine checked and adjusted periodically before you're bent over in pain.

If you are interested in Chiropractic wellness/preventative care, call Kristina @ (912)447-1885, she would love to get you scheduled.

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