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Headaches, they are not all in your head.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Many people assume that when they have a headache the problem is in their head. Studies show that most headaches are actually caused by problems in the neck. They call these headaches "cervicogenic", meaning originating in the neck or cervicals. One problem that can contribute to headaches and migraines is a loss of cervical curvature. The picture below on the left represents a healthy "normal" neck curve.

Good cervical curve.

Notice how the curve is evenly distributed along the neck and the concavity (grade school geometry flash-back) is in the back of the spine. This is a stable healthy position that allows the neck muscles to relax. The spinal cord to lay in the proper position and it distributes pressure equally on the discs.

Bad curve

Compare the "good curve" to the curve in the spine on the right. Same view, different person. Notice how there is less of a curvature and the spacing between the vertebra is smaller. In addition the bones themselves are changing shape due to osteoarthritis. This neck position causes pressure on the discs, pressure on the nerves, tension on the spinal cord and tension and strain on the neck muscles, all of which can cause headaches!

Chiropractic care can't reverse all of the damage that has been done but it can help correct the curvature and alignment. With consistent adjustments and stretching at home many of our clients have seen significant improvement in the frequency and intensity of their headaches and migraines.

Curious about your neck curve? Call Kristina @ (912)447-1885 and she will get you scheduled for an appointment. We hope to help you soon!

Dr. Kevin

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